3 Days of Design, Copenhagen

Plantui had a wonderful chance to be a part of 3 Days of Design, an annual event for lifestyle and interior design in Copenhagen occuring at the beginning of June. We attended together with 19 other Finnish design brands and represented a broad view of the Finnish Design industry.

We were present at the Design Werck, which is one of the most trend-setting design environments in the world. Design Werck is a unique place to invite customers and other relevant partners to. It is located just outside of the center of Copenhagen and is a part of the original city defence from 1685. 3 Days of Design is a well know brand and attracts people from all over Europe and around the world to meet and discover all the best of the Danish and Scandinavian design scene.

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All together the atmosphere at Design Werck was very nice and all brand owners and responsible people came with open arms and the willingness to make a great exhibition. Some of the top design brands from Finland were shown. We shared the Finnish design corner with amazing creations like designer wallpaper by Feathr and modern kids furniture manufactured by Lumo kids. For wooden design furniture there was Nikari and Teemu Järvis’ amazing wilderness prints complimented the inspiring athmosphere. Magisso represented internationally awarded problem solving design from Finland and the company Gedico exhibited unique leather design products. Also a lot of Nordic textiles were represented; wool blankets, linen textiles from Lango Home and Pisa Design as well as wool hats from Myssyfarmi. Secto Design’s iconic wooden lighting collection with a clear and timeless Scandinavian feel gave light, and let’s not forget the hand-made wood jewellery and home decor products from Finland Aarikka. Nice warmth for the still chilly summer evening was brought by NORD-T with craft tea blends. Other wonderful Finnish brands at 3 Days of Design and Design Werck were Bonden Living, Lovi, Finarte, Pelago and Kasperi.


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