City living and growing your own

My own garden? You must be kidding. I live in London.

I love living in London. There are few places in the world that can compete for food, entertainment and culture. But there is something missing for me. A connection with my ingredients and nature that I just don’t get living in a second floor, one bedroom flat.

And I know I’m not alone. More and more people move to London every year and gardens with the space to grow your own produce become ever more unattainable. So I am welcoming my new Plantui Smart Garden into my flat with wide open arms.

Herbs set up [4745959]

Growing my own

I won’t forget growing my first produce as a kid. I’ve always loved food so when my stepdad suggested growing our own potatoes I couldn’t wait. And I couldn’t believe how easy it was. Put the seed potatoes in the compost, keep them watered and hey presto – potatoes you grew yourself in no time at all. So simple, but so satisfying.

They were, to this day, the most delicious potatoes I have ever eaten. And I am sure that has everything to do with watching them grow and harvesting them from a living plant that I grew from seed. It is that connection with my food that I miss without a garden.

From Plantui to plate

I’ve only just set up my Plantui Smart Garden but I am already getting that buzz back. The first shoots are coming through from my first crop and I already can’t wait to harvest the plants and use them in my cooking.

The knowledge that in a matter of weeks I’ll have my own fresh herbs that will travel only 10 feet from plant to plate has awoken that feeling of connection to my food again. Just as importantly, I know those herbs are going to taste fantastic.

I’ll be writing more on the Plantui blog, experimenting with my home grown produce and sharing ideas about how you can use your own. I can’t wait. But I’ll have to and that’s part of the joy.

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