Design ArtMAJA event


In Kalasatama, Helsinki there was a grand opening of a new park. We were lucky to participate in the event Design ArtMAJA with a modern dance group Gruppen Fyra. There were a dozen of Plantui Smart Gardens presented among other Finnish design brands in two beautiful glass pavilions.


There were dance shows during a few evenings, as well as music and art performances. The event was part of Helsinki Design Week.

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During two days we had gardening workshops for over 60 kids from the near by school. The kids learned how to grow garden cress from seed, and all the essential facts about plants in general: What does a seed need in order to start growing? When the first leaves appear, what does a plant need then? When should you give water to the plants?

We were at least as excited as the kids, and it was a very pleasant experience to teach kids about gardening.



Elisa Majara

I'm the gardening specialist at Plantui. I graduated from HAMK University of Applied Sciences in Lepaa, Finland majoring in Horticulture. During my studies I became interested in urban agriculture in all its forms, and also special herbs and vegetables. I like to explore and read exciting articles about plant biology and the importance of plants in our lives. My own personal favorite herb is chervil.


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