Dill: the perfect summer herb

July has begun, and it’s time for delicious grilled food, fresh salads and light sides that can be enjoyed outside on the terrace, on the balcony or during a picnic in the park. Today we are introducing dill, a very traditional summer herb (at least here in Northern Europe). We compiled some growth hacks and inspiring recipes for you to try!


The 3 most important hacks for dill grown in a Smart Garden:

Be ready to add a third height block a few weeks after starting a new round with dill. The plants will be growing quite tall, and you want to ensure that they have enough space to grow!

Once the dill plants are tall enough to be used in your cooking, remember to harvest the leaves with their stems, so that the plants continue growing and you’ll be able to pick leaves again and again for around 2 months before starting anew.

Dill is a medium-fast grower, so we highly recommend that you grow it together with plants that are from the same growth group. Great partners for dill are coriander or parsley.


Now that your dill is growing at full speed, it’s time to think about some delicious ways to use up the fresh, fully grown plants. We researched for you, and here are our favorite recipes using fresh dill:

New potatoes and dill? Yes please! Try these creamy dill potatoes.

Salads are a must eat on hot summer days – this is one we really love.

As we are from Finland, there is no summer without fresh salmon: Here’s an easy version prepared in foil.


Which dishes do you like to cook with dill? Do you have your own favorite recipe that you like to cook for the whole family or your friends? Let us know and share it with the community in the comment section below! For a refill of Dill Plant Capsules, click here.



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