Disclaimer: Hello Plantui Ambassadors!

This summer Plantui is waiting with exciting news – we have been looking for Smart Garden Ambassadors; they are individuals that are curious about growing their own greens inside in an innovative way. We have received impressive applications from Finland, Germany, Sweden, the UK and even Belgium and chose the five lucky ones who have already received their test devices.

But what does it mean to be a Plantui Ambassador, and how are you able to follow their experiences? All of our participants have recently received our newest Smart Garden Plantui 6 and a selection of plant capsules for free, shipped directly to their homes. During the next weeks and months our ambassadors will  test their Smart Garden thoroughly, and will share their stories and honest feedback online. How easy is it to set up the device, and are all seeds actually turning into a tasty, fresh herb or salad? How much basil is growing out of one plant capsule?

On top of answers to your more practical questions you will be able to find plenty of entertaining & interesting stories about Plantui impacting people all over Europe here on our blog and through our social media channels.

Are you ready to meet our ambassadors and perhaps even want to apply in our second round? Follow us on Facebook & Twitter for more information!


Silke Hofmann

Hi there! My name is Silke, and I'm a Sales Manager with a passion for social media marketing at Plantui. I enjoy travelling, new cultures and I'm interested in healthy foods and sports. Especially running outdoors clears my head and gets me ready for new challenges. Honestly speaking, I'm a typical plant killer, but love to grow my own herbs: I know they are free of any chemical treatment and I can add them to my (not always) successful cooking efforts knowing I'll do something good for myself. Tatsoi became my new Asian favorite, I could eat it almost every day!

Contact: silke.hofmann@plantui.com

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