Experimenting with new plants

There’s always a few newcomers growing in the Plantui test lab. That’s because we are constantly looking for new plants to enrich Plantui’s selection. To search for new species and varieties is extremely exiting. However, I have to make thorough tests to be sure that the new plant is suitable for the Plantui Smart Garden. Sometimes I have to look through tens of varieties to find the right one. And too often I have high expectations about a new plant that has, for example, magnificent flavour, but in the tests I find out that its growth habit is not suitable or it grows way too slowly. That’s why it takes quite a lot of time to get new plants in our selection.


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Luckily there’s a shortcut for you, dear Plantui growers! The Plantui Experiment Kit contains six empty plant capsules and Plantui nutrient. You can now try to grow whatever plants you like in Plantui Smart Garden. Feel free to experiment, but remember that the success and failure is at your own risk. Don’t hesitate to tell me about your experiments: elisa.majara@plantui.com. If you’re not so much into the risky growing, feel free to suggest new plants for us to test.

Get your own Experiment Kit here: http://plantui.com/product/experimental-kit/

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Elisa Majara

I'm the gardening specialist at Plantui. I graduated from HAMK University of Applied Sciences in Lepaa, Finland majoring in Horticulture. During my studies I became interested in urban agriculture in all its forms, and also special herbs and vegetables. I like to explore and read exciting articles about plant biology and the importance of plants in our lives. My own personal favorite herb is chervil.

Contact: elisa.majara@plantui.com

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