How to clean your Plantui with citric acid

Citric acid is used for removing calcium deposits from Plantui Smart Gardens. Tap water may form calcium deposits in the pump and on the plastic parts. Citric acid is a natural solution for that problem.

Instructions for Plantui 6:

Click here to see a video explaining it very simply (starting at 1:57).

Or follow these instructions:

Add 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of citric acid with 3 liters of warm water in the water bowl of an empty Smart Garden.

citric acid1      citric acid2


Place the Smart Watering unit in the bowl.

citric acid3

Plug in the device and put on the Light Unit.
Hold your hand on the top of the device for 15 secs until the lights turn blue. The pump will operate for 2,5 min.
If necessary, leave it to soak for a few hours and restart the pump. Then wash the parts in the dishwasher (max 55°C).citric acid4


Instructions for Plantui 3 & Moomin Garden 3: 

Click here to see a video explaining it very simply (starting at 3:00).

Or follow these instructions:

Add 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of citric acid with 1 liter of warm water to the water bowl.

pl3 citric      pl3 citric2  


Place the watering unit to the bowl. Turn the pump to mode 3.

pl3 citric3      pl3 citric4

Keep the pump running for 1-2 days. Then wash the bowl and the plant tray in the dishwasher (max 55 °C). Wash the Water Unit by hand.

pl3 citric5

Citric acid is available on Plantui web shop:


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