Intern & Plant lover

Hi there I’m Henriet20te, Plantui’s new intern. Normally I study Industrial Design in Denmark, but until Christmas I will live and work in Helsinki. It’s finally my turn to see the world and get some hands-on experience within the field of design. I have been with Plantui for about a month now, and so far I love it! My main tasks are designing, visualizing and marketing which I’m really excited to learn more about.

Why Plantui you might ask? Because I think it’s important to work with projects you are passionate about. Rethinking how to produce and eat food is a personal interest of mine and I believe that Plantui has built a strong solution for how this could work and look like. I’m a plant lover and have a small garden back in Denmark where I love to grow organic greens and fruit. We are almost self-sufficient during the summer period!

I’m really looking forward to learn more about Plantui and expand my design skill set – and of course explore beautiful Finland.


Henriette Hansen


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