Introducing new plants for January

I think most of you are looking for something new and fresh to start the year. Here’s what Plantui wanted to offer for you: four new plants for your healthy meals! And guess what? They all belong to the Fast Growers group!


Watercress is one of the healthiest plants you can imagine! It has very high nutrient density (click to read) and a fresh, peppery flavor. You can use it fresh or very shortly cooked. Young stems are tender and as edible as the leaves, so you don’t need to remove them. Food waste reduced!

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Pok choy Red

Red pok choy tastes as good as the regular Pok choy, but has a vivid color. Try growing both types of pok choys together! One has white stem and green leaves, the other light green stems and purple leaves. So pretty!

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Pok choi Red blog1


Two kale varieties: Kale Curled Green and Kale Lacy

We are very happy to offer you Kale plant capsules, actually two different varieties of Kale! They look really nice when growing together. Kale is known to be very healthy, but I also want to emphasize how good the small, young leaves taste. We can assure you these kales are deliciously crispy and have a mild flavor (unlike the big kale leaves you may have tried). I will write a blog post dedicated to Kale soon.

Kales 34 blog

Picture: Kale Lacy and Kale Curled Green at 34 days old.

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