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Already a couple a months ago we launched a very special, smaller version of our popular Smart Garden: The Plantui Moomin Garden 3. We were extremely excited to feature unique artwork of the globally known Moomin family. The largest part of Team Plantui grew up with Moomin cartoons, books and of course the legendary Moomin mugs that can be found in practically every Finnish household. The idea of developing a Moomin Garden seemed only logical, especially with our expansion to Asian markets in mind.

Award winning_moomin

Of course having a Moomin Garden in your kitchen, living room and office adds a lovely design object to your surroundings that provides you with daily fresh greens at the same time – but there is more: Our mission is to encourage kids as well as adults to discover and experience the miracle of growth together with Moomin. 

Consequently, we created a Moomin Booklet that accompanies you and your Smart Garden for 30 days, from the tiny seeds to full grown salads, herbs and exotic Asian greens. Every day, both a fun and light-hearted Moomin story as well as an activity around your Moomin Garden engage the youngest gardeners (to be) and teach the very basics of plant biology.

Moomin Book Sample


Are you curious to find out more? Click here to discover Little Ly’s Growth Journey Kit including the Moomin Booklet, and here to visit our Moomin Garden product page. Do you have any questions or experiences related to our Moomin products? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments!




Silke Hofmann

Hi there! My name is Silke, and I'm a Sales Manager with a passion for social media marketing at Plantui. I enjoy travelling, new cultures and I'm interested in healthy foods and sports. Especially running outdoors clears my head and gets me ready for new challenges. Honestly speaking, I'm a typical plant killer, but love to grow my own herbs: I know they are free of any chemical treatment and I can add them to my (not always) successful cooking efforts knowing I'll do something good for myself. Tatsoi became my new Asian favorite, I could eat it almost every day!

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