Meet Our Interns!

Hi, My name is Mikkel and I started my internship at Plantui in March after having a few introductory days during February. I*m an International Business Student at Turku University of Applied Sciences and I moved to Finland from Denmark in August 2014. During my internship here at Plantui I have been doing a vast variety of tasks including Marketing, Sales, Inventory Management and Customer procurement. I have been working closely with the rest of the Plantui team throughout the whole time and they have really taught me what it is like to work in a startup company. The skills and competencies I have developed during my time here will always come in handy in any business situation I might find myself in further down the road.











Hi, My name is Xuan. I am in the same class with Mikkel at Turku University of Applied Sciences. I started my internship 29/2/ 2016. During this time, I have learned from many tasks such as Sales, marketing and invoices setting. I also learnt to do things more carefully and be more specific. I did not have much experience before and I have been learning day by day how to correct small mistakes that I have made. The Plantui team is very supportive, they reply to my questions quickly and have good advice when I need help. Furthermore, the products are really amazing and I got to know a lot more about Plantui 3, Plantui Moomin and Plantui 6. I have been learning by doing at Plantui, which does not only apply for skills and knowledge, but also for the concept of products, which will be helpful for future business. The slogan “Everyone Deserves A Garden” has been in my mind during the whole time here.



Mikkel Klinge


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