Participate in our customer feedback survey and win a brand new Plantui 3 Smart Garden!


We at Plantui never stop to improve and develop our products and services, and that’s why we have started a customer feedback survey to hear your opinion! We know, filling in a questionnaire certainly does not sound like the most exciting thing, but we can promise you that it’s easy to complete in around 3-5 minutes, with most of the questions being multiple-choice questions.

Most importantly, your time and effort will be rewarded twice: We are curious to read any single response we receive, so you can be sure your input does not go unnoticed. Maybe we will be testing your favorite plant already next month in our lab?

Secondly, by leaving your e-mail address at the end of the survey, you have a chance to win a bran new Plantui 3 Smart Garden. We will pick the lucky winner when our survey has ended on the 29th of February 2016. The winner will be informed by e-mail. The win cannot be exchanged into money or other Plantui products. The win will only be delivered if the winner responds to the e-mail with his or her correct home address and phone number for delivery purposes.

Thank you for your feedback in advance, and good luck for the draw! Click here to access the survey. 

P.S.: You don’t have a Plantui Smart Garden (yet)? No worries, you can answer the survey anyhow!



Silke Hofmann

Hi there! My name is Silke, and I'm a Sales Manager with a passion for social media marketing at Plantui. I enjoy travelling, new cultures and I'm interested in healthy foods and sports. Especially running outdoors clears my head and gets me ready for new challenges. Honestly speaking, I'm a typical plant killer, but love to grow my own herbs: I know they are free of any chemical treatment and I can add them to my (not always) successful cooking efforts knowing I'll do something good for myself. Tatsoi became my new Asian favorite, I could eat it almost every day!


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