Plantui Growth Light Height Block

As we at Plantui are constantly developing our products and services according to your feedback, we decided it’s time for something new: The Growth Light Height Block! As the name might suggest, the Growth Light Height Block is quite similar to our regular Height Block, and can be used with the Plantui 6 Smart Gardens.

When growing big and tall plants in your Smart Garden, the lower and inner leaves don’t always get enough light to grow optimally, even tho we are using very powerful LED lights in three different colors. Imagine – the light source, in our case the light hat, is simply too far away from these parts of the plant.

So how could you bring additional light into the game? Right, with a height block that contains professional blue and red lights that are great for the plants’ photosynthesis! As a result, the inner and lower leaves become much tastier and fresher.

We recommend you to take a look at the newest accessory especially if you like to grow herbs and salad greens such as sage, shiso, thyme or even basil. You like to experiment with chilies or tomatoes in your Plantui 6 Smart Garden? The Growth Light Height Block is definitely a must have for you!

Have a look at this infographic that explains how you can optimally make use of our brand new product throughout the growth process: 

infograp height 1

Please note: You can use max. 2 Growth Light Height Blocks at a time on one Plantui 6 Smart Garden.

The Growth Light Height Block is now available in the web shop for 35€/£32. Selected retailers will offer the accessory in the coming weeks and months.


We hope you found this post interesting & relevant for you! Now on our previous blog entry about vitamins and the cold season – take care of your health.

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