Plantui is now part of the Moomin Family

I have a personal relationship with the Moomin Characters since my early childhood. My mother used to read Moomin stories like ”The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My” when I was just a small boy and I carried on the tradition by reading the Moomin stories with my children, who were born in the early 1990’s. We also watched all the animated Moomin films together.

Tove Jansson is doubtless one of the best Finnish artists of all time and also the most widely read Finnish author abroad. Her lifework is an immeasurable valuable because of the success she made as a writer, artist and as a cartoonist. She was a multi-talented artist who is mostly remembered as a creator of the Moomins. The Moomin books have been translated into about fifty languages (Source:

It brings me great joy to say that Plantui is now a member of the Moomin family. We share the values of the Moomin books: Family, Love, Respect for Nature, Tolerance and Bravery. The last one is particularly well suited for a startup like Plantui. We are very proud to announce that we have now signed a worldwide licence agreement with Bulls Presstjänst AB acting as exclusive agent for Oy Moomin Characters Ab.

Moomin release_tm

Plantui will launch its Moomin Gardens and complimentary Moomin Plant Capsules in the fall 2015. The brand new small Moomin Garden will feature 3 Plant Capsules and the bigger one fits 6 plants. A Moomin Plantbook will be launched together with the Moomin Gardens. The Plantui team is currently working on the design of the Moomin Gardens and we will be very careful in using the original artwork of Tove Jansson. The Moomin Gardens are intended to rhyme well with Moomin values.

All the staff at Plantui are quite excited to be part of the Moomin Family. This will enable Plantui to increase its brand awareness across the globe and this co-operation will help us to reach children and their families. The idea is to introduce kids to the miracle of growth. We genuinely feel that the cooperation went off with a smooth start and we look forward to a mutually blooming future. Personally I’m thrilled about this co-operation and cannot wait to display the Moomin Gardens and featured plant capsules to all of our old friends. Hopefully we can meet a lot of new friends in the gardens of Moominvalley.

I’d like to quote Tove Jansson as it appeared in one of my favorite Moomin books, the quote is shown here in its original form in Swedish. In English this translates to:

”Do you know that hattifnatters come from seeds and

you must sow them during the Midsummer Night.”



“Vet ni att hatifnattar kommer ur frö och att man måste så dem på midsommarnatten?“

ur Farlig Midsommar av Tove Jansson








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