Pop Up Turku – We are here!

This week Plantui is part of Pop Up Turku, a great initiative taking place in Forum Kortteli, Turku. Have you ever wondered how Thai Basil grown in one of our Smart Gardens really tastes? Are you curious to learn more about the unique LED lights giving exactly the right kind and intensity of light to herbs, salad greens and violas?

Plantui’s temporary store is still open today (11-19) and on Saturday (9-18). We love meeting people that are as excited about growing their own healthy, fresh and tasty herbs as we are, so don’t miss this chance if you’re nearby. After visiting us, it’s absolutely worth checking out the other pop up stores and restaurants around too – I’ve spotted some great ideas and products that I’m sure you’ll enjoy too.

PS. Have you already found the perfect mothers’ day present for this week’s Sunday? If your answer is no, don’t you worry: We’re having a special offer for all last-minute gift buyers. Everybody loves flowers, so pass on the happiness!

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Silke Hofmann

Hi there! My name is Silke, and I'm a Sales Manager with a passion for social media marketing at Plantui. I enjoy travelling, new cultures and I'm interested in healthy foods and sports. Especially running outdoors clears my head and gets me ready for new challenges. Honestly speaking, I'm a typical plant killer, but love to grow my own herbs: I know they are free of any chemical treatment and I can add them to my (not always) successful cooking efforts knowing I'll do something good for myself. Tatsoi became my new Asian favorite, I could eat it almost every day!

Contact: silke.hofmann@plantui.com

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