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Plantui 6, grey

In one Plantui 6 Smart Garden you can grow 6 plants at the time. Plantui is a unique all-in-one indoor garden device. Plantui 6 Smart Garden with its intelligent light system and automatic watering pump helps you to grow fresh,tasty and pure greens year round. Grow your favorite herbs, salad greens and edible flowers from seed to full grown plants in 5-8 weeks. No soil, no gardening skills needed!

Includes one Plantui 6 Smart Garden with two Height Blocks.

Discover our wide range of herbs, salads & edible flowers here. Plant Capsules are not included with the purchase of this Smart Garden.

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265€ ­

Includes one Plantui 6, grey + two Height Blocks

Plantui 6, grey

  • Holds 6 Capsules

    This Plantui Smart Garden fits 6 Plantui Plant Capsules, so you can grow 6 different plants at the same time. Some plants grow fast, some are a little slower. For the best growing experience, it’s recommended to grow plants with the same growth rhythm at the same time.

  • Photosyntesis Lights

    Plants have different light requirements at each stage of their life. Plantui lights create perfect germination and growth conditions for your greens. Plantui Smart Garden has high-end led lights that provide the best spectrums and intensity needed for photosynthesis. You’ll taste the difference!

  • Smart Watering

    Plantui Smart Garden uses the same irrigation method as professional greenhouses: it quietly pumps water to the roots 1-7 times a day, depending on the growth stage. The Plantui smart watering system ensures that plants get just the right amount of water, nutrients and oxygen.

    All the plastic and ceramic parts are dishwasher safe (max 55°C).

  • Sleep Timer

    Plantui Smart Gardens sleep for 8 hours daily. The device will go automatically to sleep after 16 hours from turning it on. The timer can be readjusted, if necessary.

  • Holiday Pause

    You can use Holiday Pause to make your plants use less water and grow slower when you are away.

  • Auto Descaling

    Tap water may form calcium deposits in the pump and on the plastic parts. Add 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of citric acid with 3 liters of warm water (max 55°C) in the water bowl of an empty Smart Garden. Hold your hand on the top of the device for 15 secs until the lights turn blue. The pump will operate for 2,5 min. If necessary, leave it to soak for a few hours and restart the pump. Then wash the parts in the dishwasher (max 55°C).

Customer reviews 4

5 out of 5

Plantui Smart garden is a system that grows anything you want, even things like sweet peppers. I have no green fingers but the system makes sure you get an harvest every time you start growing. I think this system has a lot of potential.

5 out of 5

We were very excited to get in touch with our brand new Plantui Smart Garden. Firstly, the device fitted perfectly in our kitchen and suited the needs and expectations of my girlfriend’s home decorative mind. Secondly, we like to cook a lot and now that hobby has a new approach also. Unboxing and first preparations was really easy. Everything seemed to grow very fast and it’s very nice to watch progress daily. In one month everything was ready to harvest. It is very nice and exciting process from beginning to very end. Device is pretty and silent and everything works very well. I think that this will be even more fun in winter when there is nothing growing anywhere – expect in out Smart Garden! We warmly recommend Plantui to everybody!

5 out of 5

I purchased a unit while on holiday in Copenhagen recently. Right from start, I was in frequent communication with Elisa and she gave me some tips on growing using the Plantui. Plantui is indeed a great product and the people behind it is doing a good job maintaining their reputation and keeping customers happy.

5 out of 5

The Plantui Smart Garden is great! It’s fun watching for the first tiny leaves all the way up to harvesting – and it requires minimal effort. It’s easy to clean, easy to set up and although the plants can sometimes seem to compete with one another they usually work out their differences. We bought a starter pack with a variety of different seeds so we’ve plenty to try. There’s also something quite pleasing about the machine going to sleep every night, like a member of the household – maybe that’s just me! Elisa from Plantui was very prompt responding to emails and always happy to help. I would highly recommend Plantui and look forward to future products!

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