Cherry Tomatoes

Tomatoes were originally called “The Apple of Love”. Check out our Cherry Tomatoes Red and share some love!

Plant, Learn, Grow

Everyone’s thumb could be a bit greener. Plantui guarantees your greens will grow so you can learn and grow with them.

Plantui & Sustainability

0 food miles, 0 food waste, minimum energy consumption, and less plastic waste!

How Does Water Go Up a Plant?

When I have time to relax and garden with my Plantui, I start to realize just how little I unders...

Advanced Plantui: Cherry Tomatoes & Chilis

Some of you clever gardeners have tried out all of our seed capsules and started pushing your Pla...

Set-up your Plantui in three easy steps


1. Add water and nutrients


2. Add plants capsules


3. Add light hat and plug in

Why do you love plantui?


Kate Ailey

"Having fresh herbs available all the time in my kitchen is a must, especially as an Italian food enthusiast like me."

Food Blogger, Cooking and Carafes, United Kingdom


Sasu Laukkanen

"Taste is number one for me. I have used Plantui for couple of years already and it continuously amazes me how intense the taste becomes!"

Executive Chef at Michelin Star restaurant ORA, Helsinki, Finland


Ann-Kathrin & Christian

"We are absolutely thrilled by our Smart Garden. So easy to set up and use daily. The quality of the herbs is great, and they last forever. You do not have to do anything about it."

Food bloggers, Die Kueche Brennt, Germany


Microgreens: 40x Vitamins in 1 Week

Microgreens: 40x Vitamins in 1 Week

Life in the city can get so fast we’re lucky to squeeze in a lunch sometimes. For me, Plantui is ...
Plants Growth Speed

Plants Growth Speed

Some plants are almost as fast as lightning, others take more time to bloom. Some like it hot whi...
How I Fell In Love With Plantui

How I Fell In Love With Plantui

Urbanization is a major trend in these days. The world population grows and available living spac...