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10 reasons to grow plants at home

Love your plants
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Does the idea of growing herbs and salads inside appeal to you, but getting started feels like a lot of work? In reality, growing your own plants is not only fun but also rewarding! By growing the plants yourself, you can enjoy cleaner, fresher, healthier vegetables, whilst also saving money. Here are 10 reasons why growing plants yourself at home is the way to go.

1. Ecology

Growing plants at home is in itself a daily ecological choice. The stray ​​cherry tomatoes or chillies that drift to the back of the vegetable box are a thing of the past when a bushy salad or tomato crop is growing on the kitchen table. In addition to reducing food waste, all Plantui indoor gardens have low energy consumption and all the materials are fully recyclable.

2. Clean local food

There is no better form of local food than a plant you’ve grown from seed. You can happily enjoy the cuisines of more exotic cultures when cooking, your conscience free of concerns about the carbon footprint, when you grow the more unique ingredients yourself. Try growing an Asian salad at home, or grow your own chilies and cater for a gourmet palate used to spicier dishes.

3. Tasty plants

Suitable growing conditions also make the taste of plants even more delicious. For example, research shows how significant the right light is for plant growth, such as the special type of light in northern climates that many think makes berries taste sweeter. Plantui utilizes this type of ‘Northern Light’ in its lighting technology. When you grow the plants yourself, and take care to provide the right growing conditions, you’re guaranteed the tastiest harvest of your life.

4. Healthy food forever at your fingertips

Plantui’s indoor garden allows plants to be grown even in winter, so the growing season doesn’t end with the heat of summer. Enjoy the versatile herbs and salads that are constantly by the cutting board and easily utilized when cooking.

5. Greater variety of herbs and flavors

Have you ever come across shiso, stevia or mizuna in your local grocery store? Growing these all at home allows you to taste more diverse and exoctic flavors. Expand your cooking repertoire and knowledge of herbs by growing more special varieties yourself.

6. Vitamin content

The blue light produced by the northern sun not only develops a great taste in plants but also a higher vitamin content. The Plantui indoor garden contains this very important type of light during the growth phase. The lighting and irrigation system in the Plantui indoor garden, as well as the appropriate plant nutrients, help the plants to produce four times the amount of vitamins as well as increase the amount of antioxidants.

7. Long-term affordability

When growing herbs or lettuce yourself, you can harvest more than once from plants sown from the same seeds. Thus, the price of the device and the seeds pay for themselves fairly quickly. A chef, who utilizes plenty of herbs whilst cooking, doesn’t have to buy a new pot of herbs during every shopping trip.

8. Watching plants grow is therapeutic

The beauty and miracle of nature is enough to raise anyone’s mood. With Plantui’s indoor garden, anyone can find growing plants easy, since all the growing conditions have already been taken care of. So just sit back and marvel at the new growth whilst you drink your coffee in the morning.

9. Fresh herbs are a beautiful decor for any kitchen

Fresh, lush herbs invigorate the look of the kitchen whilst the intoxicating scent is downright delicious. And if you try growing edible flowers, you’ll not only get delicious food but also a beautiful decoration and a charming scent on the kitchen table. The Nordic design of Plantui’s interior garden is an eye-catching feature for any home.

10. Plantui yields a harvest up to ten times greater

Plant cultivation is easy to achieve when you let the indoor garden do all the work. Growing herbs indoors is simple, as Plantui’s indoor garden produces more, the more you have to enjoy. In truth, there’s little that you need to do before you harvest!

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