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6 Nutrients that are Good for the Body

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It is common knowledge that vitamins are beneficial to our bodies; we all know that. But what types of vitamin are essential at what point in life? What is the appropriate amount to consume the vitamins?

The body naturally fights diseases and re-energises because of vitamins. If you eat lots of vegetables and fruits, you are guaranteed of lots of vitamins.

The types of vitamins that are good for the body



Calcium is specifically for strong bones and teeth. If you had a lot of cereals, dairy products and kale during childhood, you are at a better position. The herbs which contain a lot calcium are basil and oregano. The mineral helps in growth and development of children for tough and effective muscles. While it is essential for every human being, women tend to lose bone density more likely than males at older age. Other foods rich in this mineral include nuts and salty fish.


Body immunity is dependent on Zinc. Besides, the mineral helps in breaking down of protein and carbohydrates to energy. Zinc levels are lower in seniors; stress levels also interfere with zinc levels. Everyone is susceptible to stress; therefore, we should all strive to increase zinc in our bodies considering it is not stored. Consuming it on a daily basis, if possible in all meals is good to your body. If you bleed for long or your wound takes long to heal, you had better increase intake of the following foods: spinach, basils, parsley, pumpkin seeds, brown rice, tempeh and organ meats.


Suitability of iron levels in the body varies from one person to another. Iron is necessary for growth and development; young women in puberty will need more of this mineral. Expectant women also require huge amounts of iron. The primary functions of iron in the body include increased body energy, improving effectiveness of red blood cells and boosting brain function. If you don’t get enough iron it might lead poor oxygen absorption or even anemia. If you consume red meat frequently then you have enough iron. It is irreplaceable in human body. Especially coriander, basils and parsley contain this mineral.

Vitamin D

Calcium cannot be absorbed to the body without Vitamin D. The importance of calcium cannot be overemphasised. Therefore, vitamin D reduces occurrence of bone and back pains as well as hair loss. Vitamin D helps in boosting body immunity hence less prone to sickness.

The mineral is available in egg yolk, fatty fish, and fortified foods like milk and cereals. Be sure your multivitamin contains at least 600 IU of vitamin D.


Magnesium does more than enhancing energy production in the body. Here are some benefits of magnesium to your body:

  • Balances body sugar levels
  • It calms the nervous system
  • Alleviates stress
  • Reduces sleep disorders

Most body complications can be taken care of by consuming the right foods with magnesium. If you opt for supplements make sure you are consuming at least 350-mg in your doses. An easy and healthier option is eating pumpkins, soybeans, spinach, brown rice, artichokes, and beans.

Folic acid

Folic acid is integral for the body, it helps in protecting nerves and neural fibres from rupturing or any form of infection that interferes with their functionality. Nerve communication is at the core of all body functions. The brain cannot control sensitivity and movement of any body part when the neural tubes are affected. It is more important for pregnant and breast feeding women. 400 mg a day is enough. Folic acid is found in dark green vegetables, kales, bread, pasta, legumes, and cereals.

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