Everyone deserves a garden

Watch it Grow

Witness the growth process from close distance and feel the joy of succeeding

Nordic Design

Modern and simple design inspired by the Nordic lifestyle

Enjoy Healthy Meals

Keep greens in your daily diet and as a part of a healthy lifestyle

Automated Watering System

Let Plantui do the work, just add water and nutrients every 1 or 2 weeks

Perfect lights

With Plantui growth lights your plants get just the right amount and quality of light for their optimal growth and you get healthy, fresh and extremely tasty greens

Holiday Pause

No more dead plants after a holiday, just set your Plantui into a holiday pause and it will take care of your plants while you’re away

All around the world, our customers are happy with Plantui

Cees-Pieter (The Netherlands)

Plantui Smart garden is a system that grows anything you want, even things like sweet peppers. I have no green fingers but the system makes sure you get an harvest every time you start growing. I think this system has a lot of potential.

Ville (Turku, Finland)

...Firstly, the device fitted perfectly in our kitchen and suited the needs and expectations of my girlfriend’s home decorative mind...Unboxing and first preparations was really easy. Everything seemed to grow very fast and it’s very nice to watch progress daily...It is very nice and exciting process from beginning to very end. Device is pretty and silent...

Gelina (Malaysia)

I purchased a unit while on holiday in Copenhagen recently. Right from start, I was in frequent communication with Elisa and she gave me some tips on growing using the Plantui. Plantui is indeed a great product and the people behind it is doing a good job maintaining their reputation and keeping customers happy.