Love at first plant.

Ecological • Smart • Easy to use • Ethical • Finnish

The world of Plantui is all about beautiful Scandinavian design and caring for the planet in ecological and sustainable way ​​- when you choose an easy-to-use Plantui, you will make a healthy choice of which you can be proud of now and always.

Welcome to the world of Plantui!

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Grow your own superfood!


Superfood starter kit

A unique multi-device with everything you need for growing vitamin rich herbs, salads and trendy microgreens. Fresh greens 365 days a year, in your own kitchen! True Nutrient powerhouse! Award-winning Finnish design and low CO2 footprint.



Microgreens Bundle

Turn your Indoor Garden into a microgreen farm and grow your own superfood in 7 days! This package contains microgreen tray and selection of TOP microgreen seeds – Compatible with Bosch Smart Grow 6



Jumbo pack

12 most popular herbs, salads and flowers in one Jumbo-bundle – Plants for the whole year!


How to get started

Growing with Plantui is easy. Do this and fall in love with growing in the blink of an eye!

Choose your home garden

Choose what you want to grow

Place an order and start growing

Grow whatever you like to

In a Plantui device you can grow herbs, lettuce, chilies, tomatoes as well as edible flowers. Unleash your imagination and choose your favourite from Plantui’s selection. Or why not try using your own seeds? With the Plantui table garden, the possibilities are endless!

Healing herbs
Edible flowers
Chilies and tomatoes

Popular plants


This classic herb is so much more versatile than just pesto and pasta! Try a colourful combination with strawberries and peaches



Long decorative leaves and peppery flavour


Pok Choy

One of the most popular leafy greens in China


Microgreen Red Cabbage

Red Cabbage is high in vitamin E, one of the most important antioxidants for the body.


Sustainable Growth

Plantui is the future of growing plants. Growing plants in a Plantui garden leads to lower food waste, lower energy and water consumption, and uses only 100% recyclable material. To add to this all, food production cannot be more local, so Plantui’s carbon footprint is tiny when compared to commercially purchased plants. Local food at its best! Plantui’s own energy consumption is also low.

A rich harvest with four times the nutritional value

Plantui is loved by plants. Efficient lighting, an optimal irrigation routine and a balanced diet of plant nutrients produce up to four times the nutritional value when compared to store-bought plants. In the long run, the plants are also more cost-effective, as one seed capsule can produce around ten harvests.

Specially designed lighting perfect for plants

Green light

Green light accelerates plant growth and supports its well-being. Green light also brings radiance to the gardener!

Blue light

Blue light increases the amount of vitamins and antioxidants as well as also encouraging healthy plant growth.

Red light

Red light leads to plant crops yielding in greater abundance. Flowering, fruit formation and ripening all love the support they get from red light.

Expand your possibilities with accessories

Blooming Light Block

Let your plants bloom


Microgreens Tray

Transform your Plantui Smart Garden 6 indoor garden into a microgreens factory


Herb scissors

With Plantui’s handy herb scissors harvesting is fast and easy!


Height Block

Give your plants more room to grow


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