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Bird’s Eye Baby chili – in the hands of our test team

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Hot news! Plantui’s chili selection is bringing on a new member – Bird’s Eye Baby!


This time, we’ve had the pleasure and honor of testing our new plant, together with our Experiment Club made up from the Plantui Owners group. Test group members received their seeds, Experimental Kits, and treatment instructions a few months ago.

Birds’s Eye Baby, 3weeks, Picture by Satu Limnell

To our delight, the test team informs us that the chilies have started to germinate just fine. Those who were earliest to sow have already reached the pollination stage, with the first flowers bursting into bloom. Now we impatiently await the fruit to appear so the best testing phase can begin – placing that sweet fiery flavor in the mouth!

Chili bathing in light, picture by Olli Liikanen

Bird’s Eye Baby is a small yet spirited chili, the kick from which is between 100,000 to 225,000 on the Scoville scale. By comparison, the particularly fiery Habanero chili has a heat ranging from 100,000 to 350,000 on a Scoville scale.

We sourced the Bird’s Eye Baby seeds from one of Finland’s supreme chiliexperts, Jukka from Fatalii, who has also been involved in choosing the best chilies for Plantui’s smart garden. Whilst we’ve got you here, you’ll be interested to know, aside from this delicious individual, there’ll likely be even more new chiles on their way. So now’s a good time to join the Plantui Owners group and keep up-to-date through #plantuiexperimentclub and our Plantui Instagram account. We regularly organize different test groups from time to time, and everyone is welcome to join them.

Also, it’s not worth hanging around if you want this chili for your Plantui: Bird’s Eye Baby is now on sale, and this special edition comes with an extra kick. If you want to guarantee your chili also gets all the sunshine for its lower and middle parts, order the seeds now, and at the same time you’ll get a boosting light block for the great price of 39 €.

Finally – if you’re the first to get fruit from your chili (after the test team that is), we’ll even send you a surprise gift!

Main foto of the article: Matěj Špaček 

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