Love at the first plant


Winning recipe for chili competition

This is a story of my journey towards my goal of participating in Fatalii's chili competition 2022. I wanted to win! I actually ended up winning both 2 categories that I participated in: Biggest Ramiro ...

Algorithm for the perfect dill

Plantui, a Finnish developer of hydroponic smart gardens, and ORA, a Michelin restaurant based in Helsinki, have come up with the perfect dill algorithm. The smart garden developed by Plantui provides the plant with a ...

Ville – a Plantui Gardener

      Plantui's videoteam met with Ville, and we talked about Plantui & gardening.      

Susanna’s Plantui harvest also feeds her guinea pigs

  What’s the best thing about Plantui? With whom do you share your harvest? The best thing about Plantui is the freshness, ease and taste of what you grow. We can enjoy the bountiful harvest ...

Sofia from Turku is a seasoned Plantui user

What kind of gardener are you? I'm actually a horticulturist by training, but I would really regard myself as a gardening hobbyist. I'm mostly interested in functional gardening. We have recently moved to our own ...
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