Love at the first plant


Asian Greens: Tatsoi, Pok choy, Komatsuna, Mizuna

You may have noticed those plants with weird names in Plantui Plant capsule selection: Tatsoi, Pok choy, Komatsuna, Mizuna. Asian greens might seem a bit mysterious, but are absolutely worth trying. Oriental vegetables have a ...


Have you experienced the joy of growing your own food? Salads and herbs, and even tomatoes and chilies can be grown indoors! Some of us are lucky enough to have an outdoor garden, but indoor ...

Plant Breeding – How new varieties are created?

What is genetic diversity?   Plants can reproduce either vegetatively (asexually) or from seed (sexually). When reproducing vegetatively, the plant makes clones of itself. When you plant cuttings taken from plants, that’s making clones! Strawberry ...
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