5 tips for gardening with the Booster Tray

5 tips for gardening with the Booster Tray

Our newest addition to the accessory family lets you grow 12 plants at the same time instead of 6. It's time to double the fun and to boost your harvest!

1. Grow a wide variety of plants that you use often in your cooking - no tough choices anymore when you can't decide what to grow next!

2. Combine plants from the same growth group - our timelines both online and on the Plant Capsule packaging help you to choose plants that grow at the same speed. We also color-coded them for you! Fast, medium or slow growers are marked in light green, green and pink so you don't even have to read the fine print.

3. Use a boosting height block to make sure the plants are growing in the optimal environment: more light for the inner, lower leaves as you add height blocks and the plants grow taller!

4. Read the tips and tricks section of the plants you are choosing to optimize the growth process: some plants love when you pinch off the tops so they can develop into a fuller plant with more leaves.

5. Here's one combination we love: Plant different types of Basil and Sage to spice up your Italian dishes! Using our Experiment Kits with your own seeds is also a great way to explore the world of gardening.


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