Advanced Plantui: Cherry Tomatoes & Chilis

Advanced Plantui: Cherry Tomatoes & Chilis

Some of you clever gardeners have tried out all of our seed capsules and started pushing your Plantuis to new boundaries, experimenting with your own techniques. Some of this isn’t as easy as just popping in a seed capsule and waiting for Plantui to work its magic. Plantui’s biologists have run some experiments too and learned how to accomplish things that were never originally intended!


Here are some of their notes on growing cherry tomatoes and chilis.


Large Plants Need Space

Cherry Tomatoes and chilis both take up a lot of space. We recommend growing at most one such plant at a time on a Smart Garden 3e and a maximum of 3 such plants at a time on a Smart Garden 6. We are still experimenting with growing more large plants at the same time, but so far we can see that it impacts growth.


Cover Up Open Seed Capsule Slots

Leaving some of your Plantui’s slots empty can allow light to reach water in the device and algae to grow. We recommend covering the unoccupied slots with taped sheets of paper or cardboard as in the picture below.


Experimental Seed Capsules

Plantui offers a Demon Red Chili seed capsule, but for any other chili you would like to try, or for cherry tomatoes, you will need to place them into an Experimental Seed Capsule. Place 2-3 seeds per capsule. The rest of the tips in this piece still apply to uses of the Demon Red Chili seed capsule.


Height Blocks

Big plants don’t just grow out, they grow up. After germination, add the first height block. Both cherry tomatoes and chili may require up to 5 height blocks. If the plants grow beyond that height, you can cut off the plant tops.



When the first flowers open, you should lightly shake the plant to pollinate them. Every few days another light shake will pollinate any new flowers. You can be more precise with cherry tomatoes by shaking each stalk with a pen or shaking individual flowers one-by-one with a cue-tip.


Light Blocks

As your plants grow taller, light from the top of your Plantui will need to pass through more and more layers of leaves. Eventually, the bottom most leaves may be blocked completely. As your plants grow, we recommend alternating between Height Blocks and Light Blocks to supply more light to all of your plant’s leaves. You may also remove some of the largest leaves if they are shading the fruit.



The leaves of a bushy plant can easily hide some of your fruit. Be sure to thoroughly check everywhere for any hidden cherry tomatoes or chilis.


Tell Us About Your Plantui Hacks!

There are plenty of varieties of plants very similar to cherry tomatoes and chilis and, of course, plenty of totally different plants too. If you’ve tried out the Experimental Seed Capsules or experimented with any techniques of your own, let us know!


We appreciate all of the community involvement exploring and making Plantui a better product and we would love to share your experience with others just like you.


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