Empty home

Empty home

I am a mother of 2 children.  I have been that over 20 years now. Years have been filled with lot of love, fun, problems and work. Home has always been the centre of our lives – busy, full of action, laugh and sometimes tears.

When kids were small the life was very hectic. Working mother got used to really tight schedules, a lot of noise and messy kitchen, hallway full of shoes. When children got to be teens life changed a bit, closed doors and a little less noise, sometimes drama and tears. Home full of life.

Time flies – today my youngest will be 20 years!  She has moved away from home, too. I find it weird to come home, the hall way is not messy, not a pile of sneakers there. From a habit I say “Hi” – everything is quiet.

Then, in the hallway I am really happy to meet my Plantui and the flowers and herbs in it!  It is like my friend, a living light. It´s bit like an aquarium without any fish to feed.  The different greens look everyday little different. And during the 6 week growing journey I can enjoy eating  my friends.      Isn´t that nice!

And my daughter is coming home tonight to celebrate her birthday