Experimenting with 5 Smart Gardens

Experimenting with 5 Smart Gardens

I am a passionate home chef and I love to experiment with new flavours and different cuisines and therefore I use lots of fresh herbs and salads in my cooking.
At the moment I am experimenting with 5 Plantui Smart Gardens. I am very happy with the outcome so far, with some greens I am even self-sufficient.

I use Plantui the whole year round – also in summer time. It is actually easier to succeed with Plantui than growing outdoors on my backyard. I constantly forget to water the outdoor plants – and they constantly keep dying
I grow plants in Plantui for 3 purposes: 1.For the steady supply of my favorite greens / 2.To experiment with new flavours / 3.To grow seedlings to be planted outdoors

Smart Garden 1 – For Basil only.
I grow various basils in one garden all the time. The Genoveser and Thai are my favorite ones. In the end of each growing cycle I usually prepare a delicious home made pesto for my friends. It is like a harvesting party!

Smart Garden 2 – For Coriander only.
I am a big fan of Asian food and I use Coriander all the time. The challenge is that I live in a small city called Kaarina, where I cannot get fresh coriander the year round. Therefore I have to grow my own for steady supply.

Smart Garden 3 -Thyme / Pok Choy / Salads.
I love Thyme and that I am am self-sufficient in Thyme. I do not need to buy any Thyme from the shop any more.
I grow a full Smart garden of  Thyme at the time – I use as much I can and I dry the rest for later usage.

In this third Smart Garden I grow Thyme, Pok Choy and various salads in sequels.

Smart Garden 4 – For Various Salads Only.
My favorite is the strong Rucola. As itself it is almost too strong but just try adding few leaves on top of a rye bread in mornings!

Smart Garden 5 – For experimenting with new plants.
Currently I am testing with the Asian plants I got from our Singaporean distributor. Test plants: Chili La Jiao, Sawi Hijau,Chinese kale,Sawi Bunga – Caixin, Common Sowthistle & Peking Cabbage

I will post on how I succeed in these new experiments. Happy gardening for you all!