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Plantui Pinch to grow Basil

A real enthusiast gardener can be recognized from the dark nail tips. That's why I don't want to show a picture of my nails. Of course, if you prefer the cleaner way, you can do this with scissors.

The pinching or cutting off the plant tip is really simple: just remove the two or few uppermost leaves!

There are only a couple of things that are useful to know:

  • Start the pinching process when the plants are young, about 4-8 cm high.
  • Do the pinching close to the next two leaves below.


Like  I mentioned. you can pinch or cut the tips using scissors, as shown on the this picture

Plantui Pinch to grow Basil

or, you can use your fingers

Plantui Pinching to Grow Articles

Which plants like this?

In our seed selection pinching boosts the growth of the following herbs:


Why would I do this? The herbs grow anyway.

You can grow herbs without pinching, but would probably prefer having a really luxurious bush of herbs, with as many leaves as possible, like in the picture below.


Plantui Pinch to Grow Article


As you can see, our basil produces huge leaves and proper stem, and with pinching off the tips now and then, we can guarantee that you will have more leaves to enjoy.


Using herbs throughout their lives

Pinching can be done plenty of times. A forgotten slender plant stem will get more strength after pinching. With pinching, you will end up with really branched herbs. Of course, there is no pressure, the plants will grow nicely anyway because we have chosen the best seeds.



When your herb gets older be bold in harvesting and cut the stems with the leaves or you can just harvest the largest leaves here and there. New leaves will grow in their places, and again new branches will form.

If you wish the stems to regrow only harvest 30 % of one capsule. New branches produced this way will grow, produce leaves and so on. 

If you cut down the whole capsule, they won't grow back. So, if you do that, just replace the capsule on the tray with a new one and start again.


Tiny Slice of Science behind this

Plants naturally grow upwards, towards the sun. The tip of the stem is the “boss”. It really dominates the whole plant. New cells are produced continuously in the tip. When the tip is cut off, e.g. eaten by a little mouse, rabbit or a Plantui Owner, this dominance stops and the plant parts below start to form branches and so more leaves.


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