Adventures with Gordon Ramsay

Plantui Blog Hero Adventures With Gordon Ramsay

Everyone who knows me knows that my partner and I like to name things. Our vacuum cleaner is Igor Jr. (Igor Sr. has sadly died on us mid cleaning spree), the fridge is named Justina. My partner has regular arguments with her, especially when we put groceries in. The high pitch sound when the door is open too long is annoying.

The longest living member of our family (besides us of course) is a plant called Alfred. I do believe it survived the 10 or so years we’ve had it because we named it. Every other plant we had and never named died on us, including few cacti.

It is safe to say we are plant killers. Not intentionally. We either water them too much or not enough. And there is also an issue of light. We don't provide enough. 

A few months ago, I got the Smart Garden 3e. When I brought it home, I showed it to my partner and got a “what did you bring home this time?” look. I ignored the look and assembled the device, put the water and nutrients in, inserted capsule, plugged it in and covered it.

And when it came to life, I mean, it was just adorable. It was small, and the light from it illuminated the room with a soft violet-ish color.


Since it was obvious that its a keeper, we naturally had to name it.

Because it's going to grow greens that we will cook and eat, we figured something foodie like. Martha Stewart and Jamie Oliver were nixed right away. And since my partner did not provide any sane names, I decided to name it Gordon Ramsay. Nickname: Gordy.

I’m going to be honest here, Gordy did not disappoint.


I first grew Basil Spicy in it. The smell from it was…

Look, I went to the store to see if the Basils they sell have the same intensive smell like the one I was growing at home, and it didn’t even come close enough. Because Gordy is in our living room the whole room smelled a bit like peppermint with a zing.


Plantui Gordon Ramsay Spicy Basil Article


Of course, I forgot to pinch the tops, so in beginning, it grew more in height than bush. Oops. I was harvesting the big leaves quite regularly for a few weeks and started pinching it. At one point basil got bushier, but I was itching to see what else I can grow so I cut it all and dried the leaves and stored them.


Plantui Gordon Ramsay Spicy Basil Article


Now, I know the dried herbs are not as good as fresh, but I really, really wanted to start growing something else.

Right now, I am growing Sweet Blond. It is growing fast. I started cutting bigger leaves from outside, making room for new leaves to start growing. Also, It's delicious.


Plantui Gordon Ramsay Sweet Blond Article 

This is 25 days after I started growing it. It is big.

I do wonder though, how the mint would grow or cherry tomatoes... homegrown chilies! Ah, the possibilities.

At some point, I will get the Smart Garden 6, because I do want to grow more of my own greens, but for now, Gordy is just perfect. 


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