Healthy living with Plantui

Healthy living with Plantui

It is this time of the year again: We (almost) all made perfect New Year's resolutions that will transform us into our fitter, self-disciplined and first and foremost healthier selves. 20 days into the New Year, the crowded gyms get emptier and our everyday routines have taken over again. In all honesty, is there nothing we can do to improve our health in 2017 that doesn't require so much effort and rapid changes of all our habits? I asked the team.


Let's start with you Sari (Sales Manager for Finland at Plantui), how do you start off your day to get that energy boost and feel ready to be active? 

Sari: After morning washes, I always drink a large 0,5l glass of lemon water. I always feel dehydrated after the night and lemon is good for your metabolism and skin. I also like to have one hour for myself in the morning before the kids wake up. Finally, I eat a healthy breakfast with lots of greens on top of dark bread, and drink some green tea with it. Usually I bike to work, so that will wake me up if nothing else did so far!

Andrew (Sales Manager for Exports at Plantui) and Kari (CTO at Plantui), how about you?

Andrew: Just like Italians, I start the day with a coffee in order to be able to open my eyes. Afterwards, I go for a short walk with my puppy. Traditionally, like most of the Finns, I eat porridge as the first meal of the day. Then I am usually in a hurry to get ready and I get going to work which is my morning cardio. ;)

Kari: Simple and short: Morning cardio such as push-ups and crunches, a refreshing shower, porridge & coffee, and cycling to work!


The second question is for all three of you: What do you suggest to stay productive (and awake) at work when sitting at a desk for 8 houes? Any tips?

Kari: It's important to stay hydrated during the day, so drinking plenty of water is key. Also, whenever I am talking on the phone, I get up and walk around the office. Of course drinking some coffee every now and then helps too!

Sari: It is good to change your working space once in a while, which is easy at our office. It is also great to go out during the day, especially after lunch when you might feel full and tired. Just a walk around the block!

Andrew:  Have a short chat with your colleagues to cheer everyone up! I try to keep switching between sitting and standing while I work. Last but not least, find time to have a proper lunch and snacks during the day to stay fueled.


On to our third topic: What's the best activity to relax and recharge?

Andrew: Playing with my dog! Also going to sauna, getting a massage and exercising generally work for me.

Kari: Badminton, running, skiing... any kind of sports.

Sari: When I have time I go for a run. Running is good because you also get some fresh air. I try to bike to work and back so that will give me more than a one hour long workout fives times a week. I have to admit tho that I don’t bike when it is too icy or too cold…


Final question! How do you use your Smart Garden to follow a healthy and balanced diet?

Kari: I use herbs like Parsley and Basil on my sandwich, and also on for example bean and tomato soups. When there is time to make good food on the weekends, I get creative and use the more exotic herbs as well.

Sari: I literally eat greens every day. I love to have different salads and herbs on top of my bread. Adding salads and herbs to almost every food I eat is what keeps me healthy and fit. The taste and crunch of Plantui herbs is so different compared to the ones that I buy from the store.

Andrew: I'm always growing something, and use it for everyday cooking as well as on the top of bread.



We hope you got inspired to take a small step towards a healthier and fitter you in 2017, and make it a great year! If you enjoyed this post, read about the super food kale now. 

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