How I Fell In Love With Plantui

How I Fell In Love With Plantui

Urbanization is a major trend in these days. The world population grows and available living space decreases. Healthy and fresh food becomes more important than ever. Hydroponic indoor gardening is a way to pick up these trends. And after I’ve first heard about it, it was all I could think about. This is a story of how I fell in love with Plantui.

I am a 25-year-old employee currently working in the IT industry. At the same time, I am studying my master’s degree part-time. Daily life can be quite time-consuming. And so it happens that I sometimes don’t have enough time for some of my hobbies. With this challenge called ‘work-life-balance’, I am probably not alone.

One of my childhood dreams has always been to have my own garden. But even this is a passion that takes up a lot of time. So I was even happier when one day I discovered the Finnish company Plantui. They’ve developed a range of smart gardens with innovative technologies.


Putting green into urban life. Everyone deserves a garden.
– Plantui


Plantui makes my life happier

A few days later, my first Plantui Smart Garden had arrived. With it, I bought seeds for basil, mint, chili and oregano – some of my favorite herbs and spices as it turned out. The seeds come in environmentally friendly capsules that remind me of the Nespresso business model: Insert a capsule, start the process and enjoy the coffee respectively your own plants. It’s really that easy and it just works. It is neither time-consuming nor does one have problems with watering or insects due to a well-developed concept. It is an autonomous system in itself.

With Plantui Smart Gardens, I now can harvest fresh food directly from your own Plantui – each and every day! That does not only encourage me to eat and live healthier but also it makes my life happier! Who, if not the Finns, can do that better? They took the first place in the World Happiness Report in 2019. So does also my Plantui Smart Gardens make every day happier:

  • Every morning, I check how much my lovely plants grew. And sometimes I catch myself snacking on a delicious, fresh leaf of basil or mint (which are some of my favorite plants).
  • One a week, I enjoy cleaning my Plantui Smart Gardens. That gives me the chance to inspect every plant in its full detail.
  • After a while, I started building up a relationship with each plant.


A few impressions of my plants will convince you surely:

Plantui Mint

Plantui Basil


Suitable for different life situations

Who can I recommend Plantui Smart Gardens to? The answer is: I really recommend it to everyone, because it is a sophisticated concept that allows you to successfully grow plants with and without experience.

I can especially recommend Plantui Smart Gardens in the following life situations:

  • Would you like to eat fresh and healthy food, and don’t you have enough time and/or space to maintain a traditional garden? Do you live in a city?
  • Are you a student living in a dormitory with only limited space?
  • Would you like to have a little more greens in your home, but don’t want to deal intensively with watering and nutrients?
  • Do you often get visitors and would like to have a topic of conversation? The Plantui Smart Garden design is definitely a real eye catcher and will guarantee the topic of conversation for an evening.


Love for Passion

Because I got so passioned about indoor gardening, I already own three Plantui Smart Gardens: My Plantui Big has room for six plants, whereas my Moomin Garden and my Plantui Small have capacity for three plants each. They are a little smaller accordingly. The Plantui Big and the Moomin Garden are placed in the kitchen, whilst my Plantui Small provides the living room with a fresh aroma.

Are you willing to lift your life to a next level? Are you keen on exploring smart functions and reading more about plants? Then I recommend you read my full review of my Plantui Smart Gardens on my website.