How To Grow Cherry Tomatoes?

How To Grow Cherry Tomatoes?

Here in Plantui office we have done some experiments with tomatoes. We have tried a few different cherry tomato varieties in Plantui 6 Smart Garden. Usually the plants tend to grow too tall, and then the lower leaves can't get enough light. This problem can be solved with two things: by choosing a variety that doesn't grow tall and using Boosting Light Height Blocks.

Otherwise growing tomatoes in Plantui 6 is much like growing chili plants. You can read the instructions here. Cover 3 holes of the tray and plant 3 Experimental plant capsules to the three other holes. Plant 2-3 tomato seeds to each capsule and start the germination as usual.

When the plants have germinated, add one normal Height Block. When first flowers open, tap the stalks with a pen. That will let the pollen loose. A more precise way is to go through the flowers one by one with a cotton bud. When it's time to add a second Height Block, put a Growth Light Height Block at the bottom and a normal Height Block on top of it.

Picture: pollinating the flowers by tapping the stalks.

If the plants grow too tall, you can cut off the plant tops for example above three flower trusses. You can also remove some of the biggest lower leaves, if they are shading the fruits too much. Add a second Growth Light Height Block, if needed.


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