How To Grow Chili?

How To Grow Chili?

Plantui 6 Smart Gardens are designed for growing herb and salad plants. As most of us know, chili plants grow much bigger than those plants. However, you can experiment with chili seeds if you make a couple of hacks to your Plantui 6 Smart Garden.

Choosing the right variety

There are loads of different chili varieties available. For your Plantui growing experiment, choose a very compact growing variety. Ask your seed supplier for the most compact chili varieties they have. You can try compact sweet pepper varieties, too!

Plantui has now ready Chili plant capsules, get them here.

Hack your Plantui 6 for chili

Chili plants need a lot of space and light. In order to get the best results, use only 3 capsules leaving every other capsule place empty. When there are no capsules in the tray holes, light can get into the water, and that creates algae growth. To prevent this, cover the empty holes completely, for example with pieces of cardboard. See picture below:

Sowing seeds

Now you have a hacked Plantui 6 and chili seeds! Take three capsules from the Experimental Kit, and put 2 chili seeds into each of them. Start the growing normally with the germination phase. The simplest way is of course to use Plantui Chili Demon Red capsules.

Height Blocks

Add the first Height Block when you see the first leaves appear. When the plants have grown taller and you will need to add the second Height Block, you can use the Boosting Light Height Block. You can add up to 5 Height Blocks in total, but only 2 Boosting Light Height Blocks on one Smart Garden. Remember that if the plants grow really tall (3 Height Blocks or more), you will need at least one Boosting Light Height Block, to provide enough light to the lower leaves. Read more about the Boosting Light Height Block here.

Pollinating flowers

When you see the first flowers open, shake the whole plant (see picture below). That will spread the pollen between the flowers. Repeat this every few days, so new flowers will get pollinated, too.


Caution! Hot! Harvest your chili peppers as soon as they are ripe. Sometimes they can be hiding behind the leaves, so make sure to inspect your plants regularly. ;)


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