How To Grow Tatsoi? Tips and Tricks

Plantui Blog Hero How To Grow Tatsoi

Tatsoi Tips and Tricks

  • Asian leafy vegetable with dark green spoon-shaped leaves, beautifully low and rosette growing habit.
  • Mild taste that resembles spinach and cabbage, leaves can be used raw in salads or cooked e.g. in wok.
  • Germination time about 3 days, grows fast.
  • Add the first Height Block as the first leaves appear.
  • You can start harvesting some leaves in about 3 weeks.
  • You can harvest the biggest leaves first or cut all at once.

If you are interested in growing your own Tatsoi, you can find our plant seeds capsules here.

Tatsoi Plantui 3e Smart Garden

Plantui Tatsoi Recipe


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