I wish to be more like Moominmamma

I wish to be more like Moominmamma

I find the Moomin way of life very fascinating. The idea of being free, living in the moment and caring for each other is inspiring. Life in Moominvalley is always full of adventures, but the adventures are not only the things that happen to the Moomins, it’s the way they see and feel about life.

The Moomins seem to be always playing games together or by themselves and even in their thoughts. It’s not only the young of Moominvalley, but all the characters.

I think Moominmamma has a lot to do with this. She has the ability to keep everyone feeling safe and home, even in the spooky theatre in the middle of a flood or while the comet is threating the whole valley.


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We learn through playing but learning sometimes means that we also screw up something or do a horrible mess in the living room while practicing new craft skills. We need to feel safe to do that. Creativity and imagination flourish when we feel confident, and that’s what we need in order to learn to build for ourselves, but more importantly for those around us, just like Moominmamma does.

I think Moomimamma is good at seeing through others' eyes and that’s how Moominmamma or someone like her, might just be able to notice when you are in the need of a friendly word, a warm hug or cup of coffee.  For me, those are the days when I creep in like The Groke (usually that’s on Mondays when I wake up or in the darkest days of the autumn when I would like to eat spruce needles, go to sleep and wake up the next time in the spring as well).

In those moments I seem to be rude, scary and threatening, even though I might feel invisible like a scared little Ninny, underneath my hostile shell of horror. Sometimes we all are insecure like Fillyjonk and need some encouragement from others, even though we are acting quite the opposite way.

I think we should all try to learn to be more like Moominmamma. Make everyone around us feel safe to explore, learn and express thoughts and feelings. Create a safe space where we can use our imagination and play a bit more. The ability to use our imagination and see through each other eyes is invaluable.


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When we do have that support from each other, maybe we can learn to have the curiosity and the wonderment of Moomintroll. See the world as our playground and not be scared of the world but excited about it! So, often we are afraid and stressed about new things in life, even though facing them might be a new great adventure.

We believe there is a lot to be learned from the Moomins! We wish that with Moomin Garden 3 you can learn more about plants and how food grows, maybe even a bit of that great life philosophy as well! To everyone with an inner Fillyjonk, we promise that it doesn’t create chaos in your living room. No soil! No Mess!

Moomin Garden takes care of your plants just like Moominmamma takes care of others.


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