Microgreens: 40x Vitamins in 1 Week

Microgreens: 40x Vitamins in 1 Week

Life in the city can get so fast we’re lucky to squeeze in a lunch sometimes. For me, Plantui is a restful respite from the rat race. Most plants require months to fully mature, so I thought I must have heard wrong when I found out that Microgreens Starter Kit could move fresh superfoods from seed to plate in as little as a week. Since when can nature match the urban pace?


Microgreens Starter Kit is the latest Plantui and it works a little different from the others. It uses Mesh Plates and seeds instead of Seed Capsules so instead of growing a few large plants, it grows large numbers of a few types of small plants. This new device can grow microgreens which are superfood; food that is recognized to be exceptionally nutrient rich.


If you’re familiar with any of the vegetables you might know the quickest growing of all of them is radish, which requires about one month to mature. So you might be wondering, like I was, what kind of voodoo Microgreens Starter Kit is working so that it can mature these plants in just one week. As it turns out, the secret is that the plants don’t mature at all.


They’re Called Microgreens for a Reason

A microgreen is a vegetable that is harvested before it reaches full maturity. They taste differently at this stage than when they’re younger or older, and they contain up to 40 times the vitamins. Typically, the part of broccoli that is eaten is its flower, which takes about 2 - 3 months to grow, but the greater nutrient density of microgreens means we can tap into broccoli’s health benefits by harvesting its leaves after only one week.


Nutrient rich and fast growing, regularly consumed microgreens can significantly impact a person’s health. The Microgreens Starter Kit enables anyone to meaningfully augment their diet with the freshest greens and no chance of unwanted additives.


Making Time to Eat Right

My number one excuse for poor diet choices is probably the same as yours: time. I don’t have to shop, or cook, or clean-up. After a day spent rushed or stressed, you may have all the time in the world, but you still just want to curl up with a cheeseburger and sink into a fatty stupor. But these are the moments we let ourselves down and we don’t have to. We eat right when we make eating right fast and easy.


Microgreens Starter Kit supplies some of the world’s healthiest foods all year round and right under your roof. Microgreens are always within reach and easy to add to any meal, even the occasional burger. That’s how you can be sure that when you change your diet, you’ll stick to it, and see results.


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