Moomin X Plantui and the New Moomin Garden

Plantui Moomin Garden

A New Chapter for Plantui

In which Moomintroll, Moominmama, Moominpapa, Little My and all your favourite Moomin friends are beautifully drawn along the round bottoms of the Moomin Garden 3. With an indoor garden, you can wake up every morning to a Moominvalley of your own.


Plantui Moomin Garden Children Laugh

Fresh tatsoi, fragrant basil, fine mizuna
and peeking out from behind them is Moomintroll and Moominmama to plant along with you. The new Moomin Garden 3 is a charming way to bring the joy of gardening home, following in the footsteps of Snufkin and celebrating each day with a somersault.

Welcome 3 new friends to your home in the same quiet way as Moomintroll’s mother and father, but these seed capsule friends will sleep in your Moomin Garden 3 and put fresh leaves on your table. Follow their adventure with your very own Moomin booklet titled Little My Learns to Grow and Eat Greens. Watch as they grow, learn and garden indoor through every season.

Order a Moomin Garden 3 of your own and don’t miss Little My’s Growth Journey Kit including the Moomin Garden booklet.


A Garden in Your Home

Many of us live in cities, in apartments, or in cold climates that may make gardening difficult, but we all crave the opportunity to intimately experience nature on a day to day basis or to provide that to our children while they are still young. The Moomin Garden 3 is a finely designed and crafted device that allows plants to flourish in any indoor environment and gives you and your family the opportunity to grow with them.

Plantui Moomin Garden Family


Your Plants Will Grow - Guaranteed

With simple instructions, Plantui guarantees that your seed capsules will grow into healthy plants and produce delicious food. Moomin Garden 3 hydroponically supplies water and nutrients while automatically regulating a plant’s exposure to light. Without any soil, any mess, or any nuisance you get the benefits of fresh greens and the opportunity to begin your journey as a gardener.

Plantui Moomin Garden Children



Moominvalley reminds us of what it means to be a child, full of curiosity in a world of possibility. Plantui believes that the lessons and hands-on experience of gardening are critical to raising a healthy child who will grow into a healthy adult, but we also believe that it’s never too late. An investment in your garden is an investment in your personal well-being and the value of that investment will grow over time as you learn and grow as a gardener.

Plantui Moomin Garden Children Curiosity


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