Plant Capsules 2.0

Plant Capsules 2.0

Sometimes great can become even greater! By carefully listening to our customers we have redesigned our famous Plant Capsules by giving them a new look and feel, among new features, which enhance your growing experience significantly. Continue reading to find out all the great features the 2nd generation Plant Capsules embrace.

Growth Groups

As many of you might have realized we have identified three growth groups for our Plant Capsules. These groups have been visible on for some time already, but now they are implemented to our Plant Capsules as well to make it easier for you to choose which plants to grow togther, as well as to inform you about the characteristics of each plant. The groups are called fast growers (3-5 weeks), medium-fast growers (5-8 weeks) and slow growers (8-12 weeks). The weeks indicate how long it takes for the plant to become fully grown. Each growth group has its own colour code too. Easy, isn’t it!




Plant Growth Groups are there to help you to identify which plants to grow together and how fast you can expect to start harvesting them. However, they are estimates and plants may still vary quite a lot inside each group. Therefore we have created timelines for each plant which indicate the times of germination, growing and harvesting, as well as the need to pinch off the tops of the plants for best growth. Each Plant Capsule package has a timeline for the specific plant on the side of the package.

Capsule holder included

Plantui Plant Capsules now come with a recyclable plant holder, so no separate holders for the Smart Garden tray are needed. This change doesn’t only make the washing of the parts more convenient, as there are less parts to be washed, but it also makes the Plant Capsules much easier to use.

Some green thumbs might also rejoice the news that plants can now be removed easier from the Smart Garden, as the roots don’t get tangled with separate holders. Therefore Plant Capsules can be taken out from the Smart Garden after the germination/growing phase, and planted outside or into separate pots.

Identificating Plant Capsules

Growing plants has never been this easy, as the Plant Capsules now come with herb names written on them! The seeds are as well protected as always, but as the stickers will be only partly removable the names of the plants will stay on the Capsules when placed in the Smart Garden.

The stickers don’t only include the names of the herbs, but their colouring also indicates the growth group of the plant. No more wondering why some plants grow slower than others

Resealable nutrients

Last but not least, Plantui nutrients now come in resealable pouches. This way nutrients stay dry and can be stored in a convenient way. The resealable pouch makes them also easy to handle.

New tray

To start using Plantui 2nd generation Plant Capsules you need a 2nd generation Plantui 6 Smart Garden. The good news is that in case you have a 1st generation device we will upgrade your device for free! All you need is a new tray for your device. Read more about the tray change and upgrading your device from here.

Get 2nd generation Plant Capsules and enjoy the enhanced miracle of growth!

Available on week 51 / 2015