Plants Growth Speed

Plants Growth Speed

Some plants are almost as fast as lightning, others take more time to bloom. Some like it hot while to others that would be a nightmare.

There are four primary factors that affect plant growth: light, water, temperature and nutrients and every plant species have their preferences about the environment they need and how fast they grow.

So how can it be that we here at Plantui have a wide range of plants from all over the world? Mediterranean sage, shiso originated from China and basil native to tropical regions of Africa and Asia all surely must want different things? Sure, but thanks to Plantui technology, hydroponic, special LED lights and carefully chosen nutrients, these very different plants are able to thrive in our Smart Gardens.


Plantui Plants Growth Speed


Plants Growth Categories

To make things simple, we have divided plants in four growth categories: 3-5 weeks, 5-8 weeks, 8-12 weeks and 12 weeks+ based on germination and growth speeds. When you choose plants from same growth categories your plants grow approximately at the same rate making sure slower growers aren’t shadowed by the fast ones. You can mix and match, too. But make sure to choose plants from the next category, eg. 3-5 weeks plants can be grown together with 5-8 weeks plants, but growth speed between 3-5 weekers and 8-12 weekers would be too much. To make sure your plants that take more time to grow get enough light, we recommend using a boosting light block instead of regular height block.

There are differences between plants within same week category: some start off faster, others slower but will catch up later, don’t worry. And there aren’t differences just between species: seeds of a same plant can grow differently. You might have noticed this in your own garden. This can also sometimes be seen in Plantui Smart Gardens: two capsules of same plant might have differences in germination and growth speed. That’s just natural.


Here some examples of different plants in different categories:


3-5 weeks

Fast growing plants include many salads. Have you tried to spice up your food with Mustard Wasabina or Watercress? Or used Lovage in soup?

Next time try something new:


5-8 weeks

There are many basils in this category with some other classics like Sage and Coriander.

  • Dill, absolute classic, with deep flavor.
  • Sage, try with pasta!
  • Basil Lemon, make a twist to your drinks or serve with fish.
  • Basil Spicy, extra flavor for basil lovers!


8-12 weeks

Wonderful herbs in this category that can grow very tall, you can use additional height blocs with lights!

  • Shiso, this Asian herb that grows very tall!
  • Violas, can be eaten, flower up your dessert.
  • Bloody Sorrel, is pretty but quite sour.
  • Thyme, make a great dip with garlic.


12+ weeks

Tomatoes can be grown very fast in Plantui, they can produce fruits already after two to three months! That’s super-fast for a tomato. Red tomato is very small and cute, you can grow six of them on Smart Garden 6 device or mix them with other plants.