Plantui affiliate program

Plantui affiliate program

Want to be part of our ever growing family?

Plantui will happily welcome all Affiliates enthusiastic about urban indoor gardening, modern technology and healthy living to join free Plantui Affiliate program!


Our mission

Plantui’s mission is help urban citizens to become self-sufficient in their healthy food production and improve the environmental footprint of their greens. With superb design and patented technology Plantui Smart Garden brings health, happiness and piece of futuristic mindset to urban pioneers and people interested in health and wellbeing.


Your role, and what we can offer

As an Affiliate, you’d share our passion for plants, healthy living and urban life and direct your visitors to Plantui shop. We’ll support you with all the information you need and gladly help you to learn more about the sustainable hydroponic growing method, healthy lifestyle, super nutritious herbs and microgreens and the technological excellence of our product.

To make it worth your efforts we are happy to tell you that:

  1. The customers coming from your affiliate-link will gain 25% discount of their purchase amount. This will give you excellent possibilities to make efficient marketing and turn your readers to buying Plantui-customers
  2. Every time a customer coming via your link buys Smart Garden 6, you will receive 50€ commission
  3. Every time a customer coming via your link buys Smart Garden 3, you will receive 30€ commission


How to join

Joining is free and you will be rewarded for each Plantui device sold through your network. To sign up you only need to fill out a short application. Once your application is accepted, you can start selling Plantui products in your own channels!

The process:

  1. Affiliate promotes Plantui on social platforms / blogs etc.
  2. Potential customer clicks on the link (with affiliates personal code) on the affiliates promotion and will be directed to Plantui shop
  3. Customer orders a Plantui device and/or products
  4. Affiliate receives commissions on bought Smart Garden 3 and 6 devices


If you have any further questions, or want to get in touch with us, please write us at and we'll help you to get onboard!


Where to join

At the moment you can join through GoAffPro signup form here 
Please read also the terms at the footer of the GoAffPro-page where the link above directs you.