Plantui planting preparty

Plantui planting preparty

People often ask me how long one can grow same Plant Capsules in Plantui. The answer is that we recommend 5-12 week rounds, depending on the plant variety, as some grow faster and others slower. 12 weeks is a ultimate limit though, as longer rounds affect the roots to grow too long and block the pump. However, I have never managed to wait that long that it would have happened – each round I have started yearning some change after two months. The plants could live a bit longer, but I’ll get done before them.

My plants waiting for their final harvest this morning

Most of the time the journey is as important as reaching the destination, and the same applies to my life with Plantui. Some assume that the growing experience with Plantui starts when the first leafs appear, some think the magic is in the harvesting phase. However, I want to challenge those assumptions and argue that the adventure starts no later than in the end of the earlier round – right when planning for the next one.

I am pretty sure I am not alone here, and there are plenty of others who get excited about planning, dreaming and imaging what plants to choose and what flavors to try next. I have some plant varieties that keep their place in my heart and in my Plantui round after round, but each round requires some experimenting too – some times with new Plant Capsule variations, some times with playing around with my own seeds. Anyway, I’m not just hooked on using my own grown plants, but also in experiencing the miracle of growth time after time.

I know I’m very privileged, as I have the opportunity to consult our very own gardener Elisa, when I’m in the planning mode. She has the knowledge and understanding of growth phases and plant requirements, and knows which plants are challenging and which blooms the best in Plantui. I also know that no poster or info graphic can replace my Elisa, but we are doing our best to share her knowledge with you all. For that reason we have created new plant growth timeline posters.

As mentioned earlier, each Plantui plant has it’s own growth pace and growth habit. To make complicated things simple we have created three groups according the plant growth pace – fast, medium-fast and slow growers. You can still use any plants together you wish – putting different plants with different growth rhythms together doesn’t do harm, but for those who like to know what to expect, it is advised to grow plants from same group together.

I’m just about to start a new round again and I’ll most likely have a little chat with Elisa, but for sure I’ll take a look to our plant timelines and plant growth groups as well. I know I can’t live without fresh Thai Basil anymore, but the rest is mystery. I’ll wonder what plants we’ll have in the menu next time.. Any suggestions?