Plantui story in short – How Plantui company got started

Plantui story in short – How Plantui company got started


I  am designer and the founding partner / the ”father” of Plantui.

I have been consulting brands on design, UX, product roadmapping & strategy in Europe, China & US, resulting in more than 300 000 000 products sold world wide.

In 2007 I came a cross with an indoor gardening product when I was consulting in US. At that point I realised that in the future it will be possible to grow your own greens at your very own home and without having to be an expert in gardening.

I started playing around with the idea in building up a company which enables consumers to succeed in growing greens.  Giving the consumers a total offering: Plants + Smart Gardens + Service.

We presented our first concept in 2010 in Tokyo design week, Japan.  It took still 4 years after our first concept presentation to launch the Plantui and our first Smart Garden in Denmark in 2014, after extensive consumer interviews , series of prototypes and a challenging R&D project.

The reason why I have had the strength to keep going for all these years is in our vision: We believe that in the future plants will be grown near where they are consumedI want to be involved in this journey and in exiting people to grow their own greens. The only way to ensure you get totally pure and healthy greens in sustainable way is to grow your own.

So spread the word and help us in making our vision real.