Plantui & Sustainability

Plantui & Sustainability

0 food miles, 0 food waste, minimum energy consumption, and less plastic waste!

These are some of the things that describe Plantui’s sustainability. We aim to create well-being from greens. Plantui brings fresh greens, and joy to our lives, but we also care about the wellbeing of our planet.


0 food miles!

More and more people are moving to cities, and further away from where food is produced. This means that food miles can grow to be a significant source of pollution in food production.  Food miles describe the distance food travels from the field to your table. In the USA average food miles are 1500 miles. With Plantui food miles are 0. 


0 food waste!

Know the feeling when buying greens and herbs from a shop and you use some of it and rest of it dies and goes off? This happens often, but not only to you. Up to 60 % of fresh greens grown in greens houses go to waste during transportation and processing before they even get to store shelves. With Plantui you have fresh greens always and zero food waste.


Plantui Sustainability Zero Waste Basil Smart Garden

Minimum plastic

We try to use as little plastic as possible in our capsules. One capsule consists of way less plastic that those store-bought plastic-wrapped greens. We are constantly trying to find a more sustainable solution. When it comes to Plantui devices we have used mono materials plastic that is recyclable and food safe.

 Plantui Sustainability Capsule

Energy efficient

Our Plantui devices are as energy-efficient as those super energy-saving lamps! While your plants get the light they need, Plantui also illuminates your life! We use high efficiency LED lights in our devices. By using special LEDs instead of basic white light LEDs, we are able to create a special spectrum designed to give the best growth to your plants with minimum energy consumption.


Plantui Energy Saving Sustainability

10-year guarantee!

But there is no worry about recycling our devices any time soon. We give our devices a 10-year guarantee. Making a quality product is one of our many ways to work towards a better greener future. Plantui devices are built from modular pieces, every piece can be easily detached and If there ever comes a day that something breaks it can be easily replaced and recycled. We want you to enjoy your Plantui every day for years and years.


Plantui Sustainability Guarantee Greens


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