Positioning Plantui at your home

Positioning Plantui at your home

Plantui Smart Gardens are indoor gardening devices. This means they should not be placed outdoors, or even on a balcony. Direct sunlight, cold or hot weather can be too much for the plants. Also insects might attack Plantui plants if the device is on a balcony or next to a open window.

Pic: The plants might get too much sun and dry out, if placed right next to a window or on a balcony.

In the wintertime it’s good to remember that cold draught coming from the window frames is really bad for the plants. Plantui gives the plants all the light they need, so they don’t need to be next to a window, as plants usually prefer. Also make sure that the device is not on a tilted surface. It’s important that all the capsules get water equally.

Pic: Right next to a window is not the best place for your Plantui Smart Garden. The plants might be exposed to draught.

Also too warm air can be harmful for the plants. This is related to dry air as well. If Plantui is placed very close to a radiator, there’s warm air coming up, which makes the air too dry around the device. Same problem might occur in the kitchen: Plantui is not doing well too close to a stove. Even though it would be so practical to have the plants ready to hand when you are cooking!

Pic: The air might be too dry above a radiator or next to a stove.

What is a good place to put your Plantui Smart Garden, then? Our favorite places include: living room table (stylish centrepiece), hallway (gives a nice light!) and dining table (herbs ready to hand!).

Pics: Kitchen worktops, living room & dining tables are the perfect places for your Plantui Smart Gardens!