Pre-growing with Plantui

Pre-growing with Plantui

Every day there is more and more light, and spring is just around the corner. Now is the time to get ready for planning what you are going to grow in your garden or balcony during summer, get your seeds and start pre-growing, Plantui can help you with this!

Whether you are an experienced gardener or have just found your green thumb with the help of Plantui, here is an easy technique to take your gardening skills to next level! In pre-growing plants that take long time to grow, are grown first indoor when the weather outside is still too cold and then transplanted outside.


Optimal moisture and light are vital

In pre-growing, it’s important to keep little seedling in evenly moist environment and provide enough light. Small plants are very delicate and with too little or too much water they can die. Seedlings also need to get enough light when they are small, otherwise they will stretch out and become weak from the stem. Too long stem will have bad impact in plant development and make plant weak.

Plants in Plantui get perfect amount of water, nutrients and light and you can use Plantui to pre-grow plant that will flourish in your garden. If you have already grown plants in Plantui, you know that plants grow strong and healthy!


How to pre-grow your plants?

Here is how to use Plantui pre-grow tray, where you can fit 12 small plants, or normal tray for pre-growing.

Use like normal Plantui and then transplant.

  1. Add water and nutrients to water bowl.
  2. Choose your plants and place capsules to Plantui. Use experimental kit when using your own seeds or choose ready capsules.
  3. Plug in the device and set the hat on.
  4. Add high block when plants have germinated. Some plants may be slower to germinate, but you can already add height blog if most of the plants are germinated.
  5. When little plants are ready and grown, is time to transplant them.
  • Take plants out of Plantui and cut or pull plastic support off rock-wool capsule.
  • Plant capsule first to a pot, rock-wool is natural material, it’s safe to put to your garden.
  • Keep the soil moist. Transplanting is always a shock to the plant, so keeping the soil moist will help the plant.
  • Tip: If don’t have a sunny window where to keep the plants, keep your plants next to Plantui, to provide light.
  1. Getting plants out in the sun! it’s good to let your plants to get used to the sun gradually. Plants are not yet used to the uv-radiation of the sun and might get “burned” by it. Cover plants first days from direct sun light by thin fabric or move them outside to sunny spot for couple hour a day for one week before planting.


Plantui Pre-Growing Plant


What plants to pre-grow?

In Plantui you can pre-grow for example vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, chilies and herbs like rosemary, thyme, oregano. It’s good to remember that later is better than too early for the pre-growing. So, always follow instructions of seed and when using Plantui capsules see the growth time, trans plant in the end of growing phase.

Check our Pre-grow kit to help you started pre-growing your plants at home.


Plantui Pre-Growing Garden

Plantui Pre-Growing Transplanted Garden


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