Reaching adulthood

Reaching adulthood

Plantui Smart Garden™ is a plant’s paradise 

The growth of the plants in Plantui™ Smart Garden is amazingly fast compared to plants growing on window sills, balconies or outside. In the Plantui™ Smart Garden the day is long, and the composition of its light is similar to the light composition in Northern Finland at the beginning of growth season.

The plants can consume all the water and nutrients they want. The growth speed is practically as fast as in the best professional greenhouses. For example, growing lettuce takes 2-3 weeks from the juvenile phase to harvest.


Vegetative phase means growth

Vegetative phase means the plant is getting ready to produce offspring. When there is plenty of light, water and nutrients during the vegetative phase, and the plant has grown many green leaves, it produces biomass-tied photosynthates for the needs of the reproductive phase. The vegetative phase usually ends when the day length and/or temperature changes. In addition, some plants move to the reproductive phase simply when they are old enough. For leaf vegetables and herbs, the central factor is day length. Long-day plants and cultivars flower when the day is over 14 hours long and short-day plants flower when the day is less than 12 hours long. Day-neutral plants start flowering regardless of day length.


The chosen plants for Plantui

A mature plant wants to reproduce. But with most lettuce and herb plants, the reproductive phase is not a desired result since the production of edible leaves ceases and the plants start to grow flowering stems, flowers and finally seeds. For this reason, the plants chosen for Plantui are day-neutral cultivars. This ensures that the quality of the crop is at its best in 6-8 weeks.