Setting up your Smart Garden

Setting up your Smart Garden

Can you imagine the joy of your gorgeous homegrown greens on top of your food, a moment worth sharing? Having fresh herbs and salads available in everyday life, herbs in reach while cooking. This sounds like a perfect summer and lovely garden. A dream that seems out of reach in the middle of winter and requires skills and time.

The joy of gardening, the beauty of plants and healthy fresh food that tastes heavenly, this all makes us happy. We want to help people to create moments of wellbeing from greens.

Plantui is a smart indoor garden that takes care of the hard part of the gardening and lets you enjoy the fun part. We believe that anybody can become a successful gardener, we guarantee plant growth! 

Platui Patented Growth Method

To make year-round gardening possible in your home we have combined tech and design:

-Plantui uses a hydroponic system that uses no soil. In hydroponics plants get water and nutrients needed from the optimized nutrient solution. In hydroponics plants thrive and grow faster than in soil.

-Plantui has a uniquely designed light that takes inspiration from the north, where light is bluer. This kind of light helps plants to create more vitamins and taste!

-We love Nordic design, it’s not only about the aesthetics but also having the easy-to-use experience.  

Using Plantui is simple and easy, after setting up the device you only add nutrient solution from time to time.


Setting up Plantui in three steps

1. Add water and nutrients to the bowl, one spoon nutrients per liter of water

Plantui In Short Adding water Article

 Plantui in Short Nutrients Article


2. Add plants capsules

Plantui In Short Capsules Article


3. Plug in Plantui and attach the light hat

Plantui In Short Adding Hat Article


+ Add height blocks as your plants grow. Each block automatically changes Plantui’s settings to fit the needs of the growth phase of the plants. 


What can you grow?

Plantui seeds come in capsules that support plant growth and we have a selection of over 40 plant capsules to grow from, all are edible! Each capsule package includes three capsules and nutrients. 

Plantui In Short Capsules and Nutrients Article

When your plants have grown harvest them gradually, take what you need and let the plant continue to grow. You can get multiple harvests from the same plant.

More tips for harvesting from here.


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