Sun, Beach and Mojitos

Sun, Beach and Mojitos

My name is Andrew and I keep a role of a salesman at Plantui. I have been living in Finland for 5 years and as time passes by I become to appreciate my Finnish colleagues more and more for their patience. Believe me or not, they wait for summer to come unlike any other nation in the world. When the sun hits the ground in Finland, locals know how to get the best out of it. I have never seen any person to admire sunshine as much as Finns do. And so do I, summer with all its benefits is my best time of the year – the sun, tanned skin, smell of a sun cream and the joy of preparing my popular summer drink – Mojito. Its combination of sweetness, refreshing lime and spearmint flavours is something I cannot get bored with.

Everyone certainly knows which ingredients Mojitos consist of, but does everyone know who is behind the minty beverage? – With time there are so many stories to be the subject of debates: Some say the Mojito was invented by the sailor Francis Drake when on his way towards Havana, whereas others claim it was invented by African slaves working in the Cuban sugar fields during the 19th century. Whoever the person was, I am happy he or she made it happen.

Today, I have prepared Mojitos from 2 different types of mint – the mint grown in my Plantui Smart Garden and the one bought from a local supermarket. My aim here is to compare the final taste, and enjoy the drink of course.

My recipe:

  • 3 teaspoons of caste sugar
  • ¾ fresh lime
  • fresh mint
  • soda water
  • crushed ice
  • white rum – only during weekends

Result: Both Mojitos tastes excellent. One difference is in the color of the mint from Plantui Smart Garden which is a bit lighter than the one from Supermarket. Also the amount needed for a Mojito slightly differs – I used less of the mint from the Smart Garden as a result of its stronger taste than the one bought from the store.

Now it is time to enjoy Mojitos and the sunshine on my balcony!