Smart Gardens Lights : Interview Plantui CTO Kari

Smart Gardens Lights : Interview Plantui CTO Kari

Read what CTO Kari Vuorinen explains regarding the light in Plantui Smart Gardens, and its effect on plants and humans alike.


Q1: What type of light source do the Plantui Smart Gardens use?

CTO: All Plantui devices are using a very high-quality professional LED light which is tailored for plants and their photosynthetic process in particular.

Q2: The light seems pink-ish or blue/white and quite intense. Can you explain more about the light intensity and colours?

CTO: From the plants' point of view, the lights equal the power of the summer sun without any of the harmful spectrums or UV radiation. Everybody knows that berries and herbs which are growing for example in Lapland (Norther Finland) are full of vital vitamins and flavours. One reason for this is that the sunlight in this region contains 40% more blue light spectrum than here in south, let's say in Helsinki (Southern Finland).  The light in a Plantui Smart Garden is close to the light in the north.

Q3: The light looks quite like the light of specific lamps that can help to minimize darkness depression and other effects of the long, dark winters in the nordic countries. Can the Plantui Smart Garden be used in a similar way?

CTO: The light intensity is similar to these lamps, but of course the main purpose of a Smart Garden is to grow plants  and provide them with the light they need to grow optimally. But yes, it effects in the same way.

Q4: Is the intense actually dangerous for your eyes? Is it safe to look at it for a longer period of time?

CTO: We developed the light hat in a way that you can't see the light source directly. Powerful light is always the same, and if you look directly into the light source, you might see black spots for a while. That's why we designed the light hat in a way that it guides the light to the plants instead your eyes. There is no harmful light like UV, so the light is not dangerous.


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